Personal Care Categories in Southeast Alaska

Aromatherapy  (0) commonly provides Aromatherapy and essential oils, therapeutic, relaxation scents, aromatherapy education, herbal healing Barbers - Haircuts  (28) commonly provides Barbers - Haircuts and men's haircuts, barber shop, shaving, beauty, barber shops, women's haircuts, children's haircuts Barbers' Equipment & Supplies  (0) commonly provides Barbers' Equipment and Supplies and barbers chairs equipment and supplies, razors and razor strap equipment and supplies, scissors equipment and supplies, hair products equipment and supplies, beauty equipment and supplies, barber shops equipment and supplies, barber's equipment and supplies Beauticians  (13) commonly provides Beauticians and beauty parlors, beauty advice, beauty treatments, hair care, hair cuts, braids, weaves, haircuts Beauty Salons  (25) commonly provides Beauty Salons - Haircuts and hair design salons, hair color salons, hair tinting salons, facials salons, manicure salons, braids salons, weaves salons, pedicure salons, hair colors, hair coloring, hair highlights, perms, hair extensions, hair coloring, hair cuts, braids, weaves Beauty Salons - Equipment & Supplies  (2) commonly provides Beauty Salons - Equipment & Supplies and beauty salons chairs equipment and supplies, salons hair care products equipment and supplies, salons products and equipment and supplies, waxing equipment and supplies, hair coloring, hair colors, haircuts, hair cuts Body Piercing  (0) commonly provides Body Piercing and body jewelry, navel rings piercings, barbells piercings, eyebrow piercings, lip piercings, nipple piercings, tongue piercings, nose piercings Bridal Gown Preservation Service  (0) commonly provides Bridal Gown Preservation Service and bridal gown preservation kit, acid free bridal gown preservation, wedding dresses preservation service Caskets  (1) commonly provides Caskets and funeral caskets, headstones, funeral homes, funeral directors, funeral planning service, deceased caskets Cemeteries  (2) commonly provides Cemeteries and cemetery records, burial plots, funeral services, historical cemeteries, graveyards, tombs, head stones, mausoleums, statues Cleaners  (4) commonly provides Cleaners and dry cleaners, laundry services, dry cleaning solutions, spot removal cleaners, dry cleaners, alterations, furniture cleaners, cleaning Color Consultants  (0) commonly provides Color Consultants and paint colors consultants, colors design consultants, colors management services Cremation Services  (1) commonly provides Cremation Services and death care services, human cremation services, pet cremation services, funeral services, remains, scattering by air, ruins services Crematories  (1) commonly provides Crematories and funeral home services, funeral homes, cremation, crematory regulations, death care services Dating Service  (0) commonly provides Dating Service and computerized dating, find singles in your area, find you matches, dates, computers dating services Day Spas  (2) commonly provides Day Spas and herbal based body wraps, facials, manicures, beauty care, haircuts, pedicures, beauty spas, massages, brazilian waxing, bikini waxing, body waxing, laser hair removal, french waxing, seaweed body wrap, detox body wraps, Doll Repairing  (0) commonly provides Doll Repairing and dolls parts, dolls replacement parts, dolls fixing Ear Piercing Service  (1) commonly provides Ear Piercing Service and ear piercing booths, ear piercing shops, ear piercing services Electric Razors, Trimmers & Shavers  (0) commonly provides Electric Razors, Trimmers and Shavers and electric razors trimmers shavers and accessories, electric razors trimmers and shavers repairs and service Electrolysis  (0) commonly provides Electrolysis and hair removal with electrolysis, painless hair removal using electrolysis, unwanted hair removal by electrolysis, remove hair with electrolysis Escort Service  (0) commonly provides Escort Service and rent a date, escort for hire, girls for hire, men for hire, women for hire, discreet, adult entertainment Exercise & Physical Fitness Programs  (1) commonly provides Exercise and Physical Fitness Programs and exercise plans, personal training programs, exercise regiment programs, gymnasiums, strength training programs, exercise and physical fitness programs, gyms, personal trainers, personal training Fabric Treatment  (0) commonly provides Fabric Treatment and stain resistant treatments, water proofing treatments, scotch guard treatments, fabric finishing treatments Facial Cosmetology  (3) commonly provides Facial Cosmetology and skin care, facials, facial hair removal, skin treatments, make up, make-up, permanent hair removal Fingernails and Eye Lash Artificial  (1) commonly provides Nail Salons, nail shops, beauty shops, nail extensions, nail art, manicures, pedicures, fingernails, lash extension, eye lashes Funeral Directors  (3) commonly provides Funeral Directors and funerals services, funerals homes, morticians, embalming services, cremation services, head stones, monuments Funeral Planning Service  (1) commonly provides Funeral Planning Service and pre need funeral planning, pre paid burial, burial planning, remains, scattering by air, ruins, cremation service, monuments, head stones, funerals planning services Fur Cleaning & Dyeing  (0) commonly provides Fur Cleaning & Dyeing and furs conditioning, furs dyeing, custom furs cleaning and dyeing, furriers, furs cleaning and dyeing Fur Storage  (0) commonly provides Fur Storage and furs preservation, furs cleaning, coats storage, furs coats storage, furriers Hair Removing  (3) commonly provides Hair Removing and waxing, electrolysis, get rid of hair, wax, lasers, laser hair removal, Candela GentleLase Hair Replacement  (0) commonly provides Hair Replacement and replace lost hair, end to baldness, hair growth Hair Stylists - Haircuts - Beauty  (5) commonly provides Hair Stylists - Haircuts - Beauty and hair extensions, hair coloring, hair cuts, braids, weaves, Perms, hair design salons, hair color salons, hair tinting salons, facials salons, manicure salons, braids salons, weaves salons, pedicure salons, hair colors, hair coloring, hair highlights Hair Transplants  (0) commonly provides Hair Transplants and hair plug transplants, hair loss, follicle transplant, hair restoration transplants Handicapped Equipment & Supplies  (0) commonly provides Handicapped Equipment and Supplies and wheel chairs equipment and supplies, strollers equipment and supplies, crutches equipment and supplies, leg braces equipment and supplies, amputation equipment and supplies, prosthetics equipment and supplies Head Stones  (1) commonly provides Head Stones and funeral head stones, caskets, funeral director, funeral planning service, monuments, headstone, headstones, funerals homes, head stones engraving Health & Beauty Aids  (0) commonly provides Health and Beauty Aids and beauty shops, health stores, personal care, beauty aids shops, make up, make-up, waxing, salons, health and beauty aids Health Club Equipments & Supplies  (0) commonly provides Health Club Equipments and Supplies and towels, exercise equipment and supplies, weights, strength training clubs equipment and supplies, fitness clubs equipment and supplies, gymnasiums equipment and supplies, personal trainers' equipment and supplies, fitness centers' equipment and supplies, athletic clubs equipment and supplies, boxing equipment and supplies, sports equipment and supplies, power equipment and supplies, exercise equipment and supplies, treadmill equipment and supplies, sauna equipment and supplies, hot tub equipment and supplies, circuit training, gyms equipments and supplies Herbal / Natural Health Care Products  (0) commonly provides Herbal/Natural Health Care Products and herbals supplements, natural hormones products, face treatment products, health products, natural health foods stores Herbal Products & Processors  (0) commonly provides Herbal Products and Processors and herbal teas, tinctures, herbal capsules, herbal products and processors Herbal Remedies  (0) commonly provides Herbal Remedies and nature's medicine, natural healing, holistic medicine, health food stores, herbals remedy Herbal Treatment  (0) commonly provides Herbal Treatment and herbs, herbals medicine, herbals supplements, alternative healing therapy, health food stores, homeopathic doctors / physicians, naturopathic doctors / physicians, alternative healing therapies House Sitter Service  (0) commonly provides House Sitter Service and houses watching, houses caretakers, houses and pets sitting, bonded house sitters Image Consultants  (0) commonly provides Image Consultants and personal image consultants, social image consultants, professional image consultants, image consulting Jewelry Appraisal  (0) commonly provides Jewelry Appraisal and professional appraisals, independent jewelry appraisals, loose stone appraisal, jewelry appraisers, diamonds appraisals Laundries  (2) commonly provides Laundries and Laundromats, dry cleaning stores, laundry services, coin operated laundries, Laundries - Self Service Laundromats  (7) commonly provides Laundromats and coin operated laundry, Laundromats, double load washers, 24 hour Laundromats Laundry Supplies  (0) commonly provides Laundry Supplies and laundry cleaning supplies, laundry powders, laundry detergents, laundry fabric softeners Lockers  (0) commonly provides Lockers and lockers outlets, tourist lockers, school lockers, lockers manufacturers, cold storage, freezers Manicuring  (7) commonly provides Manicuring and manicures, manicuring classes, nails care, manicurist, manicure, pedicure, beauty Massage Equipment & Supplies  (0) commonly provides Massage Equipment and Supplies and massage chairs, massage tables, massage oils, massage supplies, massage therapy, massaging equipment and supplies Massage Licensed Therapists  (5) commonly provides Massage Licensed Therapists and therapy, stress, relief, spa services, lmt, back, rub, therapeutic massage, pain, clinical massage, body work, massage practitioners, massage services, massage therapy, Swedish Massage, myofacial, lymphatic drainage, massage therapy, chair massages, home spa parties, full body massages, massage therapy, hot massages, foot massages, neck massages, back massages, pregnancy massages, baby massages, deep tissue massages, reflexology Massages  (6) commonly provides Massages and therapy, stress, relief, spa services, lmt, back, rub, therapeutic massage, pain, clinical massage, body work, massage practitioners, massage services, massage therapy, Swedish Massage, myofacial, lymphatic drainage, massage therapy, chair massages, home spa parties, full body massages, massage therapy, hot massages, foot massages, neck massages, back massages, pregnancy massages, baby massages, deep tissue massages, reflexology Meditation Instruction  (1) commonly provides Meditation Instruction and mediation techniques, zen meditation, buddhist meditation, meditation classes, meditation videos, teaching meditation Miscellaneous Personal Services  (1) commonly provides Miscellaneous Personal Services and personal training, personal improvement, personal weight training, personal business training, make up, make-up Modeling Agencies  (0) commonly provides Modeling Agencies and model management agencies, female models agencies, male models agencies, kid models agencies, baby motels agencies, plus sized models agencies, modeling agency Nutritional Health Supplements  (1) commonly provides Nutritional Health Supplements and mangosteen, x-factor, optimum, network marketing, xanthenes, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, patches, vitamin, vitamins, natural health supplements Pedicurists  (1) commonly provides Pedicurists and foot care, toe nail painting, foot massage, foot salon, pedicures, pedicuring, manicure, beauty, salons Permanent Makeup  (0) commonly provides Permanent Makeup and permanent make-up, cosmetic tattoos, permanent pigmentation, tattoos removal, permanent cosmetics, derma pigmentation, micro pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing, tattoos removed Personal Shopping Service  (0) commonly provides Personal Shopping Service and grocery delivery services, online shopping services, bush delivery shopping services, home delivery shopping services, groceries shopping services Self Service Cleaners  (0) commonly provides Self Service Cleaners and self service dry cleaning, coin operated laundry, self service clothes pressing Skin Care  (4) commonly provides Skin Care and skin care products, skin care lotions, skin care cleansers, organic skin care, dermatology, dermatologists, facials, natural skin, acne skin care, acne treatment, sensitive skin, eczema, anti-aging, microdermabrasion Sun Glasses & Sun Goggles  (0) commonly provides Sun Glasses and Sun Goggles and ski goggles, water goggles, eyeglasses, sunglasses, eye protection equipment Tanning Salons  (5) commonly provides Tanning Salons and sunless tan, indoor training, all year tanning, tanning beds, spray tans Tanning Salons Equipment & Supplies  (1) commonly provides Tanning Salons Equipment & Supplies and tanning beds and supplies, tanning oils and supplies, tanning accelerators and supplies, tanning eye gear and supplies, spray tans equipment and supplies, tanning eye protection and supplies, tanning lights and supply, tanning bulbs and supplies Tattooing  (1) commonly provides Tattooing and body art, tribal marking, skin canvas, tattoo shops, tattoos Tattoos Removal  (0) commonly provides Tattoos Removal and remove tattoos, laser tattoos removal, non laser tattoos removal, tattoos removed, lasering Thermometers  (0) commonly provides Thermometers and baby thermometers, ear thermometers, rectal thermometers, hospital thermometers Weight Control Services  (0) commonly provides Weight Control Services and lose weight, safely loose weight, weight loss, weight control patches, weight control programs, weight control specialty foods, diet programs, tailored diets, liposuction, obese, obesity, hcg, homeopathic Wheelchair Lifts & Ramps  (0) commonly provides Wheelchair Lifts and Ramps and wheel chair lifts, wheelchair ramps, portable ramps, van ramps, stair lifts, solid ramps, handicapped lifts and ramps Wholesale Cosmetics Manufacturers  (2) commonly provides Wholesale Cosmetics Manufacturers and wholesale cosmetics manufacturers, wholesale makeup manufacturers, cosmetic manufactures, cosmetic designers, beauty products manufacturers, wholesale make-up manufacturers, discount cosmetics manufacturers Wholesale Health & Beauty Aids & Manufacturers  (0) commonly provides Wholesale Health and Beauty Aids and Manufacturers and wholesale beauty supplies and manufacturers, discount beauty supplies and manufacturers, wholesale heath products and manufacturers, discount health products and manufacturers, wax manufacturers, salon supplies manufacturers, wholesale health and beauty aids and manufacturers Wigs  (0) commonly provides Wigs and wigs for women, wigs for men, wigs for children, real hair wigs, synthetic wigs, long hair wigs, extensions